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What are the fees for services?
A diagnostic evaluation fee will be determined based on the referral questions, concerns, and available records. Please contact Dr. Cronin for an estimate of fees.
What insurance plans are accepted?
Dr. Cronin is an “out of network” provider so will provide insurance billing codes that families can choose to submit to their insurance plan for reimbursement. Insurance codes are based on the type of evaluation, consultation, or treatment provided so it is best to contact Dr. Cronin to discuss services that will then determine the potential insurance billing codes.
What will the written report say, and is it confidential?
The written report will provide the assessment results and recommendations discussed with you, including a discussion of strengths and challenges. Recommendations provided are specific to the individual. For example, recommendations might include requesting specific interventions from the school district or the Regional Center (specific to California). The report remains confidential, and your written permission must be provided for the report to be discussed or sent to anyone.