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Welcome to Cronin Assessment

If you are considering an evaluation, it is probably time for it. You might consider this assessment a gift for your family member or loved one. Recognizing a small problem or challenge early helps to prevent larger issues down the road and promote an individual’s development and potential.

  • Based on your child’s needs, evaluation includes testing in the areas of cognitive abilities, academic skills, and social communication, and consultation with educators and medical providers.
  • Dr. Cronin’s evaluations are individualized to ensure accurate identification and recommendations for the range of possible diagnoses or challenges.
  • Her reports provide a road map for results-oriented strategies, supports and services that will address an individual’s challenges with peers, at home and school, and in the community.
  • Evaluations for developmental disabilities must consider other issues that may account for an individual’s struggles.
  • Dr. Cronin has extensive experience in identifying diagnoses that other providers have not considered and working with individuals who might present with a “late diagnosis” of a developmental disability.