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Autism Spectrum in Girls
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Similar to the research on delayed diagnosis in people of color, girls, no matter their ethnicity, are often not diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or are recognized for other presenting diagnoses, such as anxiety or depression, associated with or results from the lack of acknowledgment for their autism spectrum diagnosis.

Gold-standard, best practice measures were primarily based on boys/men diagnosed with autism spectrum, so they may not sufficiently capture girls’ social communication difficulties. While boys are expected to be diagnosed with autism spectrum four times more often than girls, Dr. Cronin has provided evaluations for many girls or women of all ages to help them and their families determine whether an autism spectrum diagnosis is warranted.

Some features of girls or women with ASD:

  • They may always have one friend, but a specific friend regularly changes.
  • They enjoy what others consider gender-specific activities (i.e., princesses, make-up, animals), yet are not flexible to expand their interests or share in others.
  • They may insist on the same type of play or sequence with their dolls or toys.
  • They “look” social: Happy and easily talk to adults.
  • Chronic difficulties in peer relationships, leaving them feeling dejected.